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We have an image in our office of the iceberg with what people see Vs the reality of success……I am sure many of you have seen it.

We had a discussion in the office today regarding my journey to the point where I am at now. Some of my team are considerably younger than I am. They are often impatient and want everything now, the house, the car, the nice clothes, the nails, the hair and the list goes on and on and on.

They seemed surprised when I told them after my degree I lived and worked in a pub for 6 months. My boyfriend (Now husband) and I went to London with this idea we would be able to make lots of money and return to SA as millionaires! LOL yes, I know it was a young and naive dream. We wanted what all young people want, nice jobs and our own place. However, we didn’t have enough money for a deposit on a room in a flat share never mind out own place. So, we had to get live in jobs and save first. At the time we needed a job a roof over our head and just because I had a degree didn’t mean I didn’t have to start at the bottom.

I had several jobs after that before I found my place in the world, I worked as a receptionist in a marketing firm, a fitness instructor in several gyms, an Estate agent, a rep in media sales and only after all of those jobs did I find recruitment and start building a career. During this time my boyfriend (now husband) and I lived in undesirable areas (up and coming areas as an estate agent would say) in flat shares. It was all part of the journey and learning to stand on our own two feet. During these years we both worked 2 jobs because we had goals in mind, and we needed to survive in London where it is not cheap or easy. We didn’t have parents in London that could bail us out or give us a roof nor did it ever cross our minds to ask them. We made all the usual mistakes people make when they start earning money, credit card debt, hang overs at work, over spending on unnecessary things but it is all part of the lessons in life you need to become a well rounded adult one day.

Cut a long story short, our journey was not an easy one…. nor was it filled with EXTREME hardship, but the moral of the story is there is NO short cuts in life. We had to go through all the steps, making mistakes, learning, saving, buying the imperfect property, working the long hours, playing the corporate game. We all have to make sacrifices along the way.

Part of life is going through all these different stages, we are now in the young children stage, where we are going through different struggles….

Be Patient in life, do your time, work on your goals, nothing good in life comes easy…. but if you strive and you have goals you can achieve them. All you need is determination, work ethic, resilience and a little bit of luck….I am not yet where I WANT to be on the iceberg to success but I am working my way through all the stages to get to it.

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